What is it?

RestfulX is a framework that brings the design principles and productivity of Rails to Adobe Flex and AIR development and makes integration with RESTful Web Services as simple as possible. If you want to use Ruby on Rails, Merb, Sinatra, CouchDB or Google App Engine and you want a UI that puts the word Rich into Rich Internet Applications give RestfulX a spin. It only takes 5 minutes to get started. Instead of WSDL, SOAP or other complex specifications you'll find a few common conventions that help you to abstract your application from repetitive CRUD code and switch/synchronize between various data providers with minimal effort.

Who is it for?

  • Adobe Flex/AIR Developers. If you know your data-binding inside out and you can run circles around component life-cycle RestfulX can help you focus on making your application stand out instead of figuring out what to do with the data that comes in JSON and XML or how to use SQLite.
  • Ruby and Python Developers looking to use Adobe Flex or AIR technologies to create rich internet experiences. Even if you have little or no knowledge of ActionScript 3.0 you should be able to start creating functional Flex and AIR applications in no time.


Code Generation Create a complete Adobe Flex or AIR application in less than 5 minutes with a set of light-weight code generation tools.

Online/Offline Work in off-line mode and then synchronize your data between AIR SQLite and other service providers.

Easy Integration Use RestfulX with Ruby on Rails, Merb or Sinatra and Juggernaut for server-push. Use popular Ruby ORM solutions such as ActiveRecord.

CouchDB Use CouchDB directly from your Flex/AIR applications without any need for intermediate servers.

AMF/XML/JSON Communicate between your Flex/AIR application and your RESTful service provider of choice using either AMF, XML or JSON.

Google App Engine Deploy your RestfulX application on the Google App Engine and use Google DataStore for persistence.

SQLite Support Persist your data directly in Adobe AIR SQLite database without changing any of your models or writing custom code.

Undo/Redo Integrate lightweight and transparent undo/redo support into your application with minimal effort.


RestfulX for Ruby on Rails Developers

This screencast is a fast paced introduction to using RestfulX with Ruby on Rails. In just 2 minutes we'll create a simple but fully functional Flex/Rails application.


Written by Peter Armstrong and Dima Berastau RESTful Flex Development (Coming Soon) is the one stop tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about working with RestfulX. It is currently a work in progress.


RestfulX is a great framework and has been essential in helping PeopleCurve launch Envoy OnDemand Video Interview service.
Joe Matibag, CEO, PeopleCurve


Professional Support

Do you want to use RestfulX but need some help? Get in touch with us at Riadrom. We can help you go from an idea to a complete application or anything in between.


RestfulX was created by Dima Berastau in 2008. Much of the inspiration for the framework and the problems it was originally trying to solve came from the book Flexible Rails by Peter Armstrong. Since then it has evolved beyond just Flex and Rails. The goal of the framework is to bring a clean, REST-inspired approach to Adobe Flex and AIR development and make integration with RESTful data services as simple as possible.

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